Lithuania Road Trip!

My husband, a friend and I went on a road trip to Augustow (Poland), Vilnius and Kaunas (Lithuania) on May 25-29, 2017.  Here’s my version of the trip!


Saw some happy cows on the way out of of town 🙂

Minion road trip!

Beautiful rapeseed fields

I like this bridge

Haha I had to take a picture of construction

We got some amazing food at a stop.

More happy cows!


This is actually a bridge for deer, if you look closely it’s fully fenced so the animals can cross without getting scared of the road.  Pretty cool!

Cobra candle holder

Orchid at our bed and breakfast in Augustow.

Swans on the river!

This one wanted bread!

It looked like a sign 😀

I love this flower popping out of the rusty fence

Some of these buildings look like paintings

Beautiful church (first of many!)

I love the atmosphere of this town


Minion squared!

This building had scales…………awesome!!!

Aww duckies

Riverfront restaurant

Minion + dinner

Beef tartare with a quail egg and fancy decor!

iicccee creeeaammmm

Here’s an okay bridge

Ooo those colors

My smiling John

Having a good time 🙂

John didn’t want to cheers me, so he laughed instead haha

Autumn looking potted plants

The river glowed at night

I love these street lamps!

Back at the bed and breakfast a cute outdoor table

Seating outside of our rooms

Breakfast outside!

Poland’s famous beer

An awesome food tray


An eclectic arrangement

So cute!


Ahh on our way to Lithuania

Stopped at a cool watch tower

Views from the top!

It was freaky walking up this thing

Beautiful Lithuania landscape

I love this one!

Bench at the nearby lake

Anja pointing out something, like Napoleon hehe

Now we’re in Vilnius!!!

Oh just the beginning…

wow the view from our room above the bar


The architecture is beautiful, and there’s so much graffiti everywhere

Cute slipper holder

Having our first beers and fried bread


Stopping by Theo Bromine chocolate shop

So refreshing

mmmmm, except the gifts I bought melted in the car…..

It doesn’t look real


Churches are everywhere and amazingly intricate


Look at that!

Even the door knob is ornate (leaving the tourist center)

Stopped by a cute amber shop

Tiny little amber trees and clay houses.  So cute!

I need to look up more words for “cute!!!”……………….

Minion minion!

Solemn looking teddy

Souvenir shops


These wonderful quirky felt hats

Oh man if I ever wanted to scare someone…

Gold shoes

Silver Shoes

Vendor who was selling historical pieces (stamps, coins, medals, photos)

It looked so lonely

Scarf lady – love the colors

Street vendor selling paintings


Stopping to try a flight of Lithuanian beers

John modeling 😛

Happy beer!

Me trying a heffeweisen (maybe?)


The texture of these chairs

Closer to the center of Vilnius

Clock tower

Front angle of a church

Black and gold clock tower

Columns of the church draping the clock tower

What’s he looking at so intently??  A bird… A…


This clock tower was just so much fun to photograph

This restaurant was pretty funny – incorporated the flying spaghetti monster.  Ramen was meh

Beautiful buildings + graffiti = Vilnius

Looks like some political building

That deer is amazing

I just couldn’t get over how many awe-inspiring buildings there were

Annnd we went to a whiskey bar

On the way home, the closed bakery looks delicious

Back at 7 Fridays (where we slept above a bar)

Went to an adorable cottage-like restaurant

We had to kill half an hour before it opened and just walked the block

Bicycle woooo

How rustic

The tiniest coffee!

Finally got into the restaurant and the indoor decor was full of life


Back to walking the town again

Stopped by for some georgian cheese bread.  So good

What an interesting mural

I love robin’s egg blue and burnt orange

Some more street vendors

I think this was the gate to the gods or something? I know, great memory

Me and boo!

Stopped by a local fresh market

I likes bikes

I could make a magazine out of these photos

Everything has so much character

Stopped by Theo Bromine chocolate shop again

John in front of some quirky wall

Ahhh truffles!


mo’ minions mo’ problems

Cute shop!

Bell close-up!

Sooo many churches

The three crosses

I like this window

Hiked up the cobblestone to get to this castle on a hill

With the Lithuanian flag flying high.  Cost money to go in so we were cheap and didn’t go.

The city views are breathtaking

Yet another church.  Isn’t that long nose super creepy

Dat organ

Parents taking baby photos (I assume this is a christening?)

Ah we remembered there was a festival!

Traditional Lithuanian dress

Looks like brothers.  There was a live band playing the whole time.  It was great!

This guy is awesome

Smart Cafe

We bought bottles (1L) of delicious honey beer for 3 euros

Cookies shaped like mushrooms.

Yesss, I got one of these!  I think $14.  I absolutely love it.

Her outfit

Derpy cat

I wanted one of these so bad, but I just took a photo instead

Money on the wall

Ate here, got so much food that I didn’t even eat my my entree (potato pancakes)

Looks like a mural from the 50s

More tasty dessert mushrooms


We stopped at this cafe for breakfast before leaving Vilnius

How curvy!


Ahh blurry Kaunas

Stopped at a WWII memorial/museum

These paintings have so much pain

Such a distressed sculpture


What an interesting monogram

Rusting pocket knife

Cloth box

Old maps

Tiny model of men working

Tiny model

Tiny canon

Rusty old coins

What a classic looking pocket watch

Arrived at our hotel in Kaunas!

This is the main strip you can walk and shop on


First stop, chocolate!  Ali chocolates.  I got some pistachio flavor

Square chocolates

A traditional dress parade

Went to a Lithuanian-Mexican cuisine restaurant.  The owner is amazing and truly loves his restaurant.

Tequila sunrise, margaritas and water!

Oo and legitimate pink tequila.  The owner said it is naturally pink because of certain mosquitos.

After that meal, we took a long way home

Another beautiful river!


A unique flower arrangement

On our last morning, a military band helped us get ready.  They played the same chorus about every 2 minutes.

Annnd finally, the view from our balcony 🙂

This road trip was great, I can’t wait to do another one!



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