Camping in Rowy

August 12, 2017

John, the dogs and I went on a trip to a friend’s camp-site in Rowy for a couple of nights.  It’s a city similar to Ustka that’s near the sea.  This campsite was nestled right next to a river.  Unfortunately, it was raining a lot so I didn’t get the chance for a ton of photos :O but here are the ones I did get!

Signs for our campsite, Oaza Sun!

I really love our tent, it’s so easy to set up and the perfect size for the whole family.

Walking along the riverside to get to the main part of Rowy.

I should’ve got some video of these grassy plants because the wind made them look like waves.

I love rustic looking things.

Another angle.

Eh, this one’s okay.  But I like it.

The burgundy is niiiiice

I wish the sun was out – would’ve been an even better picture!

Even in Poland they have the same weather guide 😛

Barnacle boat!

Up close of the barnacles.

Front view of the ship.

Dahlia made a boyfriend!  He followed us for a little while.

John absolutely loves it when I take photos of him.

We received a wine bottle as a gift from our neighbors (probably for the hassle of parking during all their home renovations.) On the bottle was this adorable charm.  So the perfect place for it was on Dahlia’s collar!

I wrote the details on the back of it.  Maybe I’ll wood burn it in next time?

Happy dogs 🙂



We sat in the car for a while when it was raining heavily.  I had Dahlia sit up front with me.

Here’s her new modeling portfolio.

Look at those eyes!

We walked to a nearby restaurant with the doggies.  Dahlia was giving kisses.  She was scared of the wind O_O

Oh man this was too funny, Titan peeking his little face through the tent.

Well, that was our short camping trip.  We really enjoy getting the dogs out with us (and they ABSOLUTELY are nuts for it).  It’s gotten to the point that every time John and I start any kind of packing, they automatically think they’re going on a trip.  That just means we need to go camping again soon!