Baltic Fishing Trip

July 15, 2017

Since we’re so close to the Baltic, it was time to take a fishing trip!  One of my coworkers arranged this with a local fisherman.

  1. Here’s the boat we took fishing out on the Baltic Sea, the Amelia Max!

2. I love taking side shots like this.

3. Pretty red paint ^_^

4. There’s the famous pirate ship.  What a cool shot!

5. More pirate ship photos…

6. I actually had a lot more pics of this ship, but these were all my favorites.

7. Now, with the sunset.

8. I’m starting to save up for a bigger camera lens so I can take some clearer close-ups (since this one is blurry).  Still pretty though.

9. This ship is pretty cool.

10. All of this before 6 am…I think we actually started around 4:30…….

11. Leaving the no-wake zone.

12. Another shot of our beloved boat.

13. Already some fishermen out!

14. The sunrise was really beautiful.

15. Having a good time!

16. Oh just me playing around with the camera again…

17. I really like all the reds and blues in this one.  Some nice contrasts.

18. This one is okay.  I edited out some bird poop.  Can you figure out where it was??

19. Love this one!  Can’t get enough sunrise photos.

20. Here’s the interior of the boat – it had ample seating and even bunk beds in the floor below.

21. Ready to catch some fish!

22. We’re told that it would be mostly cod.

23. Here’s one of our Polish fisherman guides.  He was very helpful especially if you haven’t been deep-sea fishing before.

24. Cute little lure.

25. We had about an hour and a half before we would get to the “good” fishing area.

26. Hello other boat!

27. Deep in thought…

28. Here’s the chain for the anchor at the bow.

29. John was probably laughing at me 😛

30. Our first catch!!!

31. I don’t think we were even at the “fishing spot” yet, but he caught one!

32. Cod, yes?

33. I know this is a blurry one, but I thought it was still really good!  Maybe for a background of some fish marketing ad, ha!

34. Having fun, trying not to stab ourselves with the lures!

35. It was pretty cold out too.  We all had jackets (I’m really glad I brought two jackets, gloves and a blanket – they were all used!)

36. Although it was  cold, the sun was shining!

37. John and his beard having a good time.

38. Still lookin’ for the fish.

39. I like the red jacket.

40. The anchor!

41. Better luck at the bow??

42. All the fishing lines 🙂  It was a pretty long boat.

43. We really did get lucky with the clear weather (not so much with the fish!)

44.  Maybe if I concentrate harder, the fish will come…

45. Love the hat!

46. Too many good sea/sky photos.

47. Another one, with the boat this time.

48. Experimenting with the focus

49. Poor tattered Polish flag 🙁 but it looks cool!

50. Can you tell I like his hat??

51. The fishing line was so bright and colorful!

52. The water was a deep green/blue.

53.  The captain let me see the cockpit.

54. The compass was pretty awesome.

55. This was view from the side window – it looks like a framed painting!

56. Say hi!

57. Peekin!

58. Wish I could’ve got a better angle, but that room was so tiny.

59. So shiny!

60.  This is a good one for a desktop wallpaper.

61. Walkin back to the mess hall.

62. Cute fishing lure.

63. I guess fish really love neon shiny bait!

64. Finally, another one!  I think it’s a flounder.  Poor thing, caught by the tail :O

65.  Woohoo!

66. Tigerfish?  The fisherman threw that one back.

67. The largest catch of the day – another fishing pole!

68. Everything was all crusty.

69. Nap time!

70. I’m gonna have to set a bunch of these as desktop backgrounds!

71. Got lucky and caught one on the way back!

72. So photogenic 😀

73. I was messing with the shutter speed – looks cool!

74.  The birds followed us on the way back.

75. They were getting pretty close.

76. As they were filleting the fish, they’d throw the organs into the sea.  So it was a feast for the birds.

77. View of Ustka on the way back in.

78. Closer shot of the pier as we’re getting in.

79. The beach is so colorful.

80. The mermaid of Ustka!

81. More shots of the pirate ship, in the daylight.

82. Ship with the flags blowing.

83. Plushies!

84. And lastly, the funky ball people statues as we were walking back to the car 😛

This trip was a lot of fun!  I think overall we caught around 10-15 fish, so not much but we all still had a good time.  We found out that September would be much better since that’s actually fishing season 😀