Camping in Southern Poland & Prague

So after our road trip to Lithuania, I couldn’t wait to plan our next one!  We had no idea where we wanted to go so I just blocked out a week-and-a-half in June for vacation (hoping we’d figure it out before then).  Wellll of course we really procrastinated and I literally picked out the route the night before:

camp two nights each in Southern Poland, Prague and then Germany for a total of six nights.  Oh and our pups we’re coming with us 🙂

Well, here’s the proof that we at least started to follow the plan 😛  Enjoy!

The pups getting comfortable in the backseat!  Bringing the dog bed was inspired after watching some videos of gone to the snow dogs on how they travel with huskies.

Dahlia showing me some love!

Looking up from the windy Polish road, it was just bright blue skies against the summer green trees.

Dahlia helping John drive 😛

We got lucky with weather, it looks almost fake hah!

Family photo #1  Dahlia looks stoned and Titan is only half in it.  We’ll try again!

I want to get photos of us standing by these trees sometime, because they are extraordinarily tall

Gave the dogs their favorite bones.  We bought these a while ago in Gdansk for 10 zl each ($2.50) – crazy cheap!

I know I know – you’re probably sick of windmills.  But I can’t help take a good photo when I see one!

Can you tell I’m a cloud person?

Ooo fun red bridge

Happy dog 🙂

This is some massive statue in Poland

“Are we there yet??”  Haha nope, this leg of the drive is about 7 hours…

Finally!  I found a campsite in Southern Poland that was on the way to Prague.  The google reviews were pretty good, so I figured, “why not?!”.  This place turned out to be a gem.  If you’re looking for a cheap, nature type campground near a small lake, this is the perfect place for you.

Ahh the view from the inside of the tent

What a beautiful day to set up camp!

We of course didn’t plan our meals, only that we would be cooking.  So we drove to the nearest Biedronka and bought some pre-seasoned pork.  Yumm!

Family Photo #2  Much better!

This is one of my favorites – the sky had so many shades of blue, pink and yellow.  Plus the sailboats were just the cherry on top.

Family Photo #3 – no one wants a picture of your butt, Dahlia!

This pic is so cool!  I feel like it should be a stock photo for something?  Maybe add a motivational quote haha

Can’t have too many awesome sunset photos! Especially with that reflection.

Pups tethered near the tent while we (John) build a camp fire.

John making the pyramid.  We met a lovely couple (from Holland) camping next to us (they took Family Photo #2) who started their fire around the same time.  It was a friendly competition for who could make the bigger fire!

I think the Dutch couple won that round 😛 It took a while for us to get the fire going

We had a wonderful first evening of our trip, ending with the campfire.

Here are the good dogs politely waiting to eat.  They’re command is “Okay”.


A panorama of the lake

And, one of the main reasons we picked a place with water – Titan absolutely loves to swim.

John’s set up at the top of the hill to watch, while I preferred to be closer to the water


He really gets out there…

But he always comes back!

Alright, just a few more photos of Titan swimming….

We are wary about playing fetch with him in the water, because once you start, he throws whining tantrums until you throw it again.  I’ve been trying to un-train him from this habit by only throwing the stick when he’s quiet.  I probably threw it a total of 4 times.   He’s a stubborn learner!!

I gave John a break from chopping wood.  I did it!

After chopping one piece, I took a union break 😛  Here’s some tiny bell flowers I found by the water.

Time to relax

Titan looking at dad

Dahlia loved to find the tallest grass and lay in it

And who would’ve guessed – Titan is  pure focus

“I’ll test it for you!”

Dinner time

John noticed the stick he was using to poke the fire had these cool patterns.  Maybe some kind of caterpillar or bird?

I liked how it emanated.  They looked like tattoos

Enjoying red wine

Exactly what I imagined this trip to be!

Sunset #2

Titan looking back

Silhouette of John’s booney hat with that amazing sky

The fire king!  We probably had too much fun starting this fire…

I was trying to get the camera to focus on me at the edge of the hill, but this turned out well too.

Family Photo #4 The best one!  This one is a keeper.  Annd this was the last night in our Southern Poland (Goscieniec Buckich).  Great times!

Back on the road again, now this time to Prague!  Some hay bales spread across the land

The drive was less than 2 hours, so it felt like we got there in no time

Prague is beautiful.

Architecture reminded me of Vilnius. (Although there was less graffiti).

We walked around and found an outdoor restaurant that we could have the dogs with us.  This was some Italian place.  I should’ve paid attention more to signs and prices, because the place next to us (behind John) was a fraction of the cost of this one!

He’s just happy to be here.

Dahlia is so sweet

Gotta have some Czech beer!

Church church church

Our first time taking the dogs out to dinner with us!  (Actually taking the dogs on vacation with us was a first too!  Definitely learned a lot for next time :P)

Handsome boy

Pretty girl

Cool looking mural

This was an ominous looking building.  Like a witch’s tower

What a wonderful color contrast, teal (my favorite color) dome against the orange building

John called him the “statue of liberty’s husband” LOL – of course he’s riding a lion  (This is for a bank, I think)

Sunset rays hitting that creepy witch’s tower

More sharp lines against a bright sky

We decided to start heading back to camp – there were so many things to do here.

Such colorful architecture!

Just when we were having such a great time…we come back to the car to find a boot on the wheel and a parking ticket.  The officers told us it would cost 2000 kr (~$84 which we didn’t have) so they asked us to go to an ATM…that definitely seemed sketchy.  When they came back and we paid, as the guy was writing the ticket (he was Polish) he gave us back 1000 kr because we had dogs (and that 1000 kr was the minimum for a parking ticket).  I was grateful, but also left a bad taste in my mouth.  Was he trying to pocket the extra cash??  Oh well, we learned our lesson.  Still had a good time overall.

Sorry for the lack of photos of our second campsite, but honestly it wouldn’t have been worth it.  It felt like someone’s fenced in yard where you rent a tiny plot enough for your tent and car.  It was not what I had in mind when you hear the name “River Camping Prague“.  I should’ve researched further.

The facilities itself were nice (bathrooms with TP/hot showers) but  paying ~$25 per night to CAMP, I might as well have found a pet friendly hostel.  It was in a decent location though.

Anyways, here’s a list of what happened:

  1. Titan wrapped his leash around our aluminum table and crumpled it. (He was terrified when it crashed, poor pup!)  This was due to the tiny location of the campground.
  2. We stayed in the tent and luckily the place had wifi, so we decided to watch “Tropic Thunder” on Netflix.
  3. When we woke up, it was a downpour.  The weather forecasted rain all day, so we made the decision to end our trip early.  We just had to pack up the tent before 10 am (that was the checkout time – which seems backwards, especially when hotels usually checkout at 11…and you don’t have a tent to pack up…)  So we packed up in the rain :S  At least we could change clothes in the dry bathrooms.

And here we go – heading back home.  John’s wet booney hat drying on the dash.

Wet and tired Titan ready for the long drive.  The funny thing is, he didn’t need to be that wet.  The dogs were in the tent as long as possible, til they could wait in the car.  But as John called them over, Titan realized he had to make pit stop – for over two minutes.  We just watched/waited and then laughed at the whole situation.  Boy he must’ve been drinking the rain water as we slept!

Dahlia, who is deeply afraid of thunder storms didn’t hesitate to sprint right into the car.  So that’s why she’s dry and he’s wet.  She’s giving me the wink of approval.

And the drive begins! Through the storm.

And then the sun??

oh look, another windmill :p  Enertrag sounds like it should be in a movie.

Are we going to have a nice sunny trip home? One can only hope!


But wait!

Just kidding, here’s your crazy tornado-looking storm >:D

An even more intense shot of the storm clouds

Here’s glimpse of sunny hope

It was just funny how bipolar the weather was.

We made it! We made it! And look who’s at home to welcome us…A GIANT SPIDER…………

Somewhere along the way (it must’ve been right when we got home) Titan injured his paw.  He was so depressed 🙁 but he healed in about a day.

Well that’s the end of our trip!  We spent the rest of our vacation as a stay-cation; cleaning the house, cooking, catching up on my half-marathon training 🙂

It was a well-needed break.

What we learned for the next time is that we should mix/match camping with dog-friendly hotels.  That way we still get the benefits of traveling with the whole family, but can leave the dogs in the hotel if John and I want to do some exploring for a few hours (like museums/other places dogs aren’t allowed).  We are now experienced dog-vacationers and will be better prepared for the next trip!   Hmmm where will we go next???