Cute Square Paper Designs

I felt like coming up with some of my own paper designs!  Probably best for scrapbooking.  I’ll make some origami paper soon too :O

Here is “Suns in the sky”, with the matching generic background:

This one is “Stars swinging in the galaxy” aaand the matching background:

It’s raining cats and dogs!

Titan wanting attention while I work…

Here’s Wesley and his big ol’ eyes!

Some Stella photos (taken by her owner, edited by me).  1000 yard stare at the beach.

Stella the skipping stone!

“I think I will go there” – Stella

Koty za ploty 🙂

…aaaand wearing her new tag 🙂 🙂 🙂

Here are the dog tags (dogs move too much to get a good shot…plus they just had a bath so I decided to photograph their collars).

The backs kind of reminded me of wax seals.  I like it!

Another fun shot of the front of the tags

Here are the pups all nice and clean!  You can kind of see Titan’s tag.

My fluffy family at the beach

Photo of the grassy dunes on the way to the beach.

Titan ran ahead of us – this is him galloping back to check where we are.

Oh photogenic Dahlia, you’re too cute!

The stones and sand are really beautiful.

I was trying to get a picture of the bird prints in the sand…Dahlia thought I needed her help 😛

Super buff/tiger Dahlia to the rescue!

I have no idea what this was but it was really cool/coral shaped sand plant.

Dahlia is a huge fan of photobombing…

This is the tree we pass on the way back from the beach.

One of my absolute favorites.  How can you not love that orc face??

“Moooom – take my photo next!”  – Titan

The pups having a blast at the beach.

Dahlia and her goober face covered in wet sand.

The new queen of pride rock.

This piece of driftwood came out amazingly!  I LOVE this photo.

A happy flying Dahlia.

Ooooo the mystical woods.  This area is absolutely gorgeous.  I feel like I’m in a Lord of the Rings movie scene.

The red on these trees was so beautiful.

Finally the trail back home.

Potitan and Goober

Meet Goober, the pine cone dog >_<


Sittin’ in his natural recliner

Creepin’ on his creator’s materials…

Taking a stroll in the woods!

Where a wee baby Potitan pops out!

Potitan is half potato, half Titan (my brown lab) hence the name 🙂  See the next post for actual photos of the dogs!