Cute cat tag – polymer clay

I made this cat tag for  a friend out of polymer clay.  It’s about 2×2 cm made from 3 colors.  I modeled a tiny jingle bell at an angle and used copper wire for the loop.  The white loops are just paperclips :p.

There were actually two versions of this (see the last picture).

I love the back of this because it kind of looks like a cookie!

Here’s the first go round.  It’s actually not that terrible – I’m just being overly critical of myself :P.

First Quilling Piece

Falling star on the horizon!  I had fun playing with the quilling tools and especially making that tiny star.  I was kind of surprised how many videos I had to go through before finding a good quilling tutorial…..



Wiggles is in love!  The next greatest romance of the century 😛

Messy Work Station

The messier the better! (◕‿-)  Here I’m working on a ton of different things.  I like to just do whatever comes to mind.  Today was a mixture of origami, clay, playing with wires and getting frustrated haha.

This was an accidental picture…I set down my camera and saw this in the display.  Had to take it! <3
I was in the middle of shooting a cute quilled star that Wiggles so desperately wants.   ᵔᴥᵔ